Jun 6, 2012

LinkedIn hacked?

The professional social networking website LinkedIn has been hacked, according to various sites.

I managed to get a copy of the dump:

And as it can be seen, the dump consist of lots of SHA1 hashes. However, something is very wrong with many of these hashes! Apparently the hackers has been adding some kind of padding to some of the hashes.

So far, I can't figure out what's up with this file. Who would dump this? And if you're going to dump this, then why not add mail / names to the list?

May 18, 2012

amnesty.org.uk hacked

As it can be seen from a post from websense, then the amnesty.org.uk was hacked again, again...

HTML code showing the exploit embedded in amnesty
(screenshot from websense)

The exploit used is CVE-2012-0507 ("Java AtomicReferenceArray Type Violation Vulnerability") - which is exploitet using MetaSploit Framework (MSF).

May 6, 2012

MS vs ZeuS: The list of defendants

Below is the list of "John Doe's" in the Microsoft Corporation vs "ZeuS gang".

What's my take on it?
I think it's great what Microsoft is doing.
But I also think the list could easy have been corrected some more.
"IOO" isn't "Null" and Slavik/Monstr isn't any of them.
And why can't I see "jam3s" on the list?

John Doe 1
(dba “Slavik,” “Monstr,” “IOO” and/or “Null”)

Apr 1, 2012

Who is s3rver.exe?

In the beginning of the year, a guy called "s3rver.exe" claimed that he'd hacked Sony Pictures Facebook profile.

He got a lot of "credit" for this hack, but actually (not announced in the press) it turned out that s3rver.exe didn't hack Sony Pictures Facebook profile!

Now, I don't like people that claim credit for something they didn't do, so I hacked s3rver.exe and doxed him. This however went quite unnoticed, and when s3rver.exe came (almost crying, lol) to me (PM on IRC, but I don't have the logs anymore) I decided to delete the dox.

However it turns out that s3rver.exe continue to hack (lastly "International Police Association of Australia") so I've decided to dig the old info up, and re-dox him!

Mar 30, 2012

UN1M4TR1X0 hacker IT-Branchens hjemmeside (itb.dk)

Som det kan læses af overskriften, så har UN1M4TR1X0 hacket itb.dk:

Og som i de andre posts, vil jeg igen tage et nærmere kig på dette hack.