Apr 1, 2012

Who is s3rver.exe?

In the beginning of the year, a guy called "s3rver.exe" claimed that he'd hacked Sony Pictures Facebook profile.

He got a lot of "credit" for this hack, but actually (not announced in the press) it turned out that s3rver.exe didn't hack Sony Pictures Facebook profile!

Now, I don't like people that claim credit for something they didn't do, so I hacked s3rver.exe and doxed him. This however went quite unnoticed, and when s3rver.exe came (almost crying, lol) to me (PM on IRC, but I don't have the logs anymore) I decided to delete the dox.

However it turns out that s3rver.exe continue to hack (lastly "International Police Association of Australia") so I've decided to dig the old info up, and re-dox him!

Most people (correction: stupid journalists) believes that this is 12~13 years old kid. THIS IS NOT TRUE.
s3rver.exe however likes to tell people that his only this age. Now, why would someone do this? Well actually this is something I myself do! Not tell that I'm 12 years old, but make someone believe that I'm another person. This is a very effective "strategy" to protect ones identity.

On a side note, I believe that the hack made by UN1M4TR1X0 a few days ago, was made because they believes I work for itb.dk.

(silly them).

But lets go on with the doxing of s3rver.exe.

The success to a great dox, is to know everything of your target, right? And whats a better way, than to simply hack your target?
Now, to hack someone, you first need to find out what nicknames they use, so I did just that:
  • s3rver.exe
  • doct0r.exe
  • StrikerPrototype
  • anon4life2
  • g-wiz
  • anonops-tie3
With this information and a bit of googling, I found out which sites he used. With this information and a bit of hacking I gained control over most of his accounts and can paint this profile of him:
His Facebook profile picture
Real name: Hardik Sharma
Facebook profile: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000081836320
( https://www.facebook.com/hardeek.sharma )
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/100947434008238074304 (now deleted)
 * hardeek.sharma2011@gmail.com (<-- Links to his FB profile. Recover mail probably "hardeek.sharma@gmail.com").
 * anon_ops@ymail.com
 * anon_ops@hotmail.co.uk
 * multicoolyo@gmail.com (<-- Recover mail: "h••••••••••••y@yahoo.com").
 * strikervz@gmail.com
 * coolhardik@ymail.com
 * server_exe@ymail.com
ICQ: 619628889
Skype: gangsta_rules1
Live: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Born: Chandigarh, India
Age: 23
Religion: Hindu
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
IPs: (TPG Internet Pty Ltd - Australian)
Date: 8/2/2011 8:14 AM
Computer name: Hardiks-PC (Hurricane Electric, Inc. - California)
Date: 2011-10-15 01:19:36
Computer name: DOCT0REXE-PC


  1. nice work bro - men jeg så de samme dox på ham i sidste uge, så der er intet nyt over dit "hack" :)

  2. "de samme dox" stammer oprindeligt fra mig :)

    Jeg skrev "This however went quite unnoticed", men faktisk nåede det at få 72 hits ("Posted on Jan 6th, 2012 - Hits: 72").

    Jeg har lidt ekstra med i denne dox (i forhold til mit gamle dox og diverse kopier af det). Men jeg har faktisk lidt mere gemt i ærmet, da jeg ikke tror dette er det sidste vi ser til s3rver.exe ;)

  3. http://pastebin.com/k7nY8WZZ

    -rm -rf'd by Tophat.
    End-note- he is a big time lamer.

    Lwal, pWncats are here.


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