Oct 8, 2012

What is w3bb-h4xxor?

It looks like Anonymous has taken antipiratbyran.se offline. But before the site went completely offline a lot of people saw a "500 Internal Server Error", which also listed the servername plus version: w3bb-h4xxor/

So does this mean that the same Anons also have hacked the server? ... Actually not!

I discovered the weird server response a long time ago, and a few month ago I took this screenshot:

As it can be seen on the screenshot, the server at that time didn't print the version (, so someone must have changed it somewhere between 23 Jun - today (8 Oct).

I have made this list of affected hosts (plus IP today):

So who is responsible? Well, I can't say because I really don't know, but what I can say, is that the recent #OpPRQ / #OpPirateBay isn't responsible for the hack.

-- EDIT --

Looks like GodsAngels.biz has changed domain to GodsAngels.se. It's owned by a swedish person called Mille Markovic, who, as far as I can figure, is quite hated in Sweden. So the guy(s) behind this hack is probably Swedish.

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