Sep 19, 2012

RevolutionTT hacked?

It looks like the online bittorrent tracker RevolutionTT ("RevTT") has been hacked, or has it?

All I know for now, is that a user with the username Afghanis has posted this torrent on ThePirateBay: "RevTT accounts and passwords ( ) - Enjoy".

I downloaded the torrent, and this is what I found:

A "Read Me.nfo" file with the following text:

A "RevTT ( Database (Username and passwords).rtf" file, with usernames and passwords:

Looking at the metadata of the Rich Text Format (.rtf) file, I found this:
\ansicpg1252 <-- U.S. Windows Code Page
\deflang1033 <-- default language (
\*\generator Msftedit <-- I got the same on my Win7 Pro using MS Wordpad
\sl276 <-- paragraph style (which one is 1276?)
\lang9 <-- language (not english?)

And for the torrent file:
Single Announce:
Comment: Enjoy
Created by: uTorrent/2210
Creation date: Tue Sep 18 2012 20:39:16 GMT+0200 (Romance Daylight Time)
(Uploaded to TPB: 2012-09-18 22:21:09 GMT)

First I removed all lines not containing a username and password:
Total lines: 18158 (from 19048)
The I made a list of unique usernames: 7698
And one with unique passwords: 7703

Weird stats? Not really, users are more likely to type their password wrong, than their username (based on my own experience).

And just for fun, I made a list of users trying to login with their mail (list contain duplicates):
Trying to login with mail:
Gmails: 69 times
Hotmails: 64 times
Yahoo: 30 times

But does the usernames and passwords come from RevTT?
Well, look at these passwords:

Lets just say "probably" ;-)

Based on the strength of multiply of the passwords (e.g. 'PS.0MG_RTT_t0rr3ntz_PLZ_080601;' <-- I fucking like that guy!) and based on many duplicates, many different passwords for the same user, and based on the fact that RevTT has many more users than ~7k, then I conclude that these passwords wasn't bruteforces (from a database full of hashes), but instead probably 'sniffed'. Either someone got access to the server (and added a "save passwords remote/cleartext" to login.php), or maybe RevTT was a victim of MitM? (I've seen this before against torrent trackers). Right now RevTT is forcing https (credit to them!), but what I could read from some of the victims, is that this dump is old, so it might be before RevTT started using https only?


  1. Did not find me nor anyone I've seen around on the list....Hmmm

  2. Didn't find my username either. Perhaps they were sniffing from users still trying to go to the old .net site?

  3. My username is not on this list, either.

    A friends' is, and it looks like the password might've been correct

  4. My username is on the list, but it's an old password.

  5. I know 5 persons on the list, and all of thems password was correct, so the list is real. But they haven't changed password for at long time, so it can still be old

  6. It's an extremely old list, majority of the users would have changed their passwords already, remember, you're never going to be able to steal an account because it's tied to their email account.

  7. The site will be up tonight and I can confirm the user/password list is old, it seems there might have been a XSS vulnerability that was used before the migration to the new domain and the enforcement of https there will be a statement from the sysops tonight


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