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Sep 9, 2012

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker (Pro) - 25% discount

If you don't know Elcomsoft or any of their software, then take a look at their page:

Some time ago, they made this "Get more apples" game:

Sorry! You need (Adobe) Flash player

Well, the game is quite buggy, and getting 100 apples is very boring, so why not just hack it, to get the coupon code?

Thanks to Sothink SWF Decompiler, it couldn't get any easier:

There's the code to go to the buy page, but where's the coupon code?

Mar 7, 2012

KONY 2012

Joseph Kony is the worst living criminal. He has abducted over 30,000 children and forced them to be child soldiers in Central Africa. He remains at large because he is invisible to the world. Few know his name, even fewer know his crimes. This year, we are making Joseph Kony famous. Because when he is, the world will unite for justice and demand his arrest. 
Donate or spread the knowledge and make the world a better place:
 - It is that simple.

Feb 11, 2012

Benchmark: Waterfox vs Firefox

Normally I don't like modified browsers. With the "official" browser, I'll get the newest updates as fast as possible, so why should I change? Well, according to Waterfox I will get a faster browser:
Waterfox has one thing in mind: speed.”
But is this true? I've seen so many crappy modified browsers, so I've decided to give Waterfox a test.
The newest version of Firefox x64 is "13.0a1" and the newest version of Waterfox is "10.0". Futuremark's Peacekeeper looks like a trustworthy benchmarker, so I gave it a try;

Waterfox 10.0     2144 (+/- 16)
Nightly 13.0a1     2099 (+/- 14)
(Results on my PC).

So Waterfox might actually be worth a try!